Existing Clients Appointment Booking Page

This page is for the exclusive use of ongoing Leapfrog LIFE clients. This should be used for booking appointments relating to your Ongoing Support Package.

Phone: 02 9966 0505

Email: [email protected]


Phone Call Booking

15 Minute Phone Call

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30 Minute Phone Call

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Progress Meeting Booking

With Dominique Bergel-Grant

Progress Meeting - Online

Convenience of booking your meeting no matter your location. You will also be able to record your progress meeting with Dominique for further reference and use. We now use zoom for these meetings.

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Phone Call

Just want to quickly check-in or have a quick question answered. Book in your phone call with Dominique now, this link allocates 30 minutes.

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Authority To Collect Information Form

We will ask you to complete this form if we are not the advisers on all of your accounts.

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Super Consolidator & Risk Profile Tool

On a regular basis we will ask you to complete this online questionnaire. This we will measure against past responses to ensure that your current products and investments remain suitable for your needs.

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Tailored Insurance Report

Each year your need for insurance coverage changes. Some years it will go up, another child in the family, or other years your required level of cover will go down, perhaps you have sold an investment and paid a lump sum off your mortgage. This we need to keep track of to make sure that if a rainy day occurs you have the right level of cover.

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Financial Services Guide

This document is an important piece of the advice process. Please click the link below to download the latest Financial Services Guide.

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