90-Minute Session to drive success

This LIFE Pinch Point Session is to help you through a pinch point you are facing in your LIFE. Where you are looking for expert guidance, however, are not yet ready to engage a financial planner for long-term financial advice and support.


The Pinch Point Session

You will have the opportunity for a 90-minute online session with award-winning Lifestyle Designer & Financial Planner Dominique Bergel-Grant. This is your chance to focus on what is blocking you from moving forward and receive one-off guidance.

90 Minute Session

Focus on Your Pinch Point

Session Is Recorded So You Can Focus On The Meeting

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Examples of Topics To Select From

While this is not an exhaustive list, some past topics with clients have been:

  • How can I bulletproof my future
  • I need a financial rescue package
  • Understanding how to set the right goals
  • Finance 101 and getting your money basics right
  • Money and relationships
  • General Q&A Session
  • Couples the conversation you need to have
  • Starting a Small Business 
  • What you need to know to financially succeed in your 20’s / 30’s / 40’s / and 50’s
  • How Much is Enough Retirement
  • Busting Myths of SMSF

"Spending 90 minutes with Dominique has allowed me to get clarity on where my financial gaps are and I now feel confident I am up for the challenge"

Amy Harper

"We were looking at buying an investment property and had research for hours. We wish we have just spent the 90 minutes with Dominique at the start she provided us with the knowledge we needed to make the right choices financially."

Bill Muir

"I had no idea what I was doing I have multiple super funds, felt like I was living month to month and had no clear direction. After 90 minutes with Dominique I now have an action plan to get myself into shape."

Kristy Blackmore

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