Financial Advice With Your Lifestyle In Mind

We help you answer life's expensive questions, which solve tomorrow’s problems today

LIFE Pinch Points

This 90-minute session is to help you through a pinch point you are facing in your LIFE. Where you are looking for expert guidance, however, are not yet ready to engage a financial planner for long-term financial advice and support.

Driver's Seat Program

LIFE is about a lot more than just money and your definition of success will be different to the next person or couple. Our Driver's Seat Program focusing on combining financial planning with lifestyle advice so you get a roadmap on how to build your future.

Advice for Women Going Through Separation & Divorce

Find out more about how Dominique can assist you in not only getting through your divorce, but thrive in your post divorce life.


Delivery of Advice

Our office is located in Neutral Bay in Sydney. However after feedback from our existing clients we have put a focus on streamlining our ability to deliver our advice through secure online video conferencing.

We use the latest in technology to provide you an even better experience and save you the travel time to our office. Best of all this enables all meetings to be recorded by yourself so you can take time to review and ensure your understanding.

Changing how we do this has enabled us to increase the time for each session and regularity of sessions available to clients providing you a higher level of value. It has also been a major factor for busy couples who during the day are rarely in the same location, now advice is at a click of a button no matter where you are.

Trusted Expert

Dominique has not only won many industry, business and consumer awards over the years she continues to be a trusted expert to the media. 



Dominique Bergel-Grant is a multi-award winning Financial Adviser and leader in the financial planning industry. She is regularly called on by media for her trusted expertise. 

"I am a strong believer that sitting still is choosing to fail and that being successful in LIFE is about getting the balance right. 

LIFE, after all, would be boring if all we ever did was make LIFE decisions based on financial outcomes alone.

It has been an amazing LIFE journey to this point, and a big thank you to my mother who allowed me to experience LIFE to the fullest. At the age of seven, she put me on a plane from Sydney to the UK to boarding school thousands of miles away from everything I knew. Being thrown in the deep end and learning to paddle has made me who I am today. I am proud to have built a successful. business by using the values I learned through becoming a seeker of adventure and not following the flock.

The best part of what I do is that it allows me to share my knowledge. This allows me to witness my clients build real wealth, and not just in financial terms.  

I am always seeking moments that do not just make me happy, but also make me joyful. Whether it is sharing my knowledge with a client, spending time with family and friends, or skiing down the slopes.

"I have designed my LIFE and I want to share this knowledge with my clients."

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