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Dominique Bergel-Grant, Owner and Founder of Leapfrog LIFE has over 16 years experience in mortgage broking has leant what it takes to provide an amazing experience, not only recognised by clients but also in industry awards. Today Dominique put's her trust in Sandra Sutherland who she has mentored for the last two years to guide clients through the mortgage maze, while she is still in the background for support.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first property can be daunting. A combination of increasing house prices and lenders demanding bigger deposits, it can almost seem impossible to get onto the property ladder. Having an expert by your side as you set yourself up for success is critical.

The Refinance

Whether you are looking at upgrading your family home or just looking to get a better deal Sandra will be able to assist. While you can also have the confidence that she will bring more experience and depth of knowledge that will help to ensure the process is streamlined for you.

Property Investment

Buying an investment property for most people is a key strategy in building wealth for the future. There are however lots of moving parts and it is critical to ensure you won't be left short when rates rise! Sandra will provide you open and honest feedback on your plans and the knowledge to succeed.


From Fledgling to Full Flight

After 2 years shadowing her mentor and celebrity crush, Dominique Bergel-Grant, in the Financial Planning space, Sandra Sutherland has been given wings to fly in the Mortgage Broking Arena. A space that is near and dear to her heart, Sandra’s passion lies in untangling the intricate chaos of making life work with a mortgage or two.. or sometimes more.

Buying a property is thrilling and addictive. Sandra thrives in the space between thinking about buying a property and picking up keys to your new home. Problem solving and client satisfaction is paramount and there is no nut she won’t attempt to crack. With an eagle eye for detail, love for number crunching, and vast industry know-how and contacts, she can get you through that door sooner.

Sandra believes home ownership should scare you a little but excite you a LOT. So if your mortgage is a little lacklustre or you aren’t feeling the love from your lender, drop her a line so she can help you design a life you love.

Want to contact Sandra to see how she can help you with your mortgage needs, please send your enquiry below now.

Our Lending Panel

Choice of lenders is just the start, it is our knowledge and expertise that will ensure your mortgage is not just right for you today, but will fit in with your lifestyle goals of the future.

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