Take Your Success To The Next Level

LIFE is about a lot more than just money and your definition of success will be different to the next person or couple. Dominique has created the Driver's Seat Program focusing on combining financial planning with broader lifestyle advice so you get a roadmap on how to build your future.

The Steps To Designing You LIFE

So you can claim your position in the driver's seat and define your success

Get Your Money Right

This is about more than putting together a budget, this is about identifying habits, benchmarking your spending and getting honest feedback.

Identifying Your Lifestyle Priorities and Financial Goals

Because we understand LIFE is about more than money, we invest time in understanding what is important to you. 

Your Investment Philosophy

Risk means different things to everyone. We will assess what level of financial risk you are comfortable with.

Balance Sheet & Bulletproofing

Dominique and the team work to create your household balance sheet and build ways to bulletproof your future.

The Roadmap is Delivered

This is where it all comes together you are presented with your Lifestyle and Financial Roadmap.

Q&A Session

This your opportunity to further explore your options further, have any questions answered.

Hear from Dominique about the Driver's Seat Program


"Dominique considers the long term goal of her clients and develops a strategy to suit them rather then being focused on any particular products or investment types. Dominique Is very committed delivery a good service to her clients."

Kim Hopmeier

"I recommend Dominique as she genuinely cares for her clients and wants to develop a longstanding relationship in which she can assist clients by providing solutions to their specific needs. Dominique has developed an excellent understanding of the industry and its products to achieve this purpose."

Evelyne Albrecht
Previous Compliance Manager

"Dominique's ability to explain things thoroughly and simply made her an invaluable asset to our recent financial planning sessions. Her detailed knowledge, personable nature and ability to listen to our personal needs and requirements ensured we had full piece of mind when making decisions and reviewing the options available to us. The end results exceed our initial expectations and I would not hesitate in recommending any of Dominique's services."

Stuart Hughes

"Dominique is a thorough professional when it comes to financial advise. She provided me the best possible solution to my financial needs and she was very responsive whenever I requested for assistance. We need more professionals with the highest integrity like Dominique in the finance industry today especially with all time low confidence in this industry."

Chris Anthony

"Dominique is providing excellent advicde and support with her clients and has a deep understanding on financial planning and superannuation. She provides good information so that we are able to decide and take appropriate action in our financial matters. I had used her services for the past 7 years as a Financial adviser and able to get the best information regarding any queries raised by myself. I would recommend to anyone to avail her services and I strongly feel she can deliver the BEST service. She is Honest and Reliable, Highly motivated in resolving the client's requirements"

Krishna Kulasekaran

Over the years I have built a LIFE that enables me to live my ideal lifestyle. For me providing financial advice in conjunction with lifestyle design enables me to help more people to also achieve this. LIFE is about more than money, and this is why a few years back I changed the name of the business from Leapfrog Financial to Leapfrog LIFE. 

Lifestyle and balance are also what I encourage my team to live to. Enabling us all to travel and explore the world or simply spend more time with family and friends. Let me show you how this is possible for you.


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