We help clients facing transition or uncertainty in LIFE to transform.

No matter where you are on your financial path or in business, it is common to be overwhelmed, intimidated, and uncertain about your future. 

With 23 years of experience in the financial industry Dominique Bergel-Grant, Financial Planner and CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, has had the privilege of witnessing her clients transform their lives. 

Today Dominique focuses on helping individuals who are facing transition to transform. Whether it be a life event such as divorce, getting engaged, starting a family, shifting into retirement, or a business owner ready for change. Dominique has the knowledge and expertise to ensure her clients navigate their path confidently in her role as their trusted thinking partner.



Ready for Transformation 

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"Wow, what an incredible 23 years it has been working in the Financial Services profession! I could never have imagined the rewarding and varied career I would stumble into when I graduated from the University of Sydney. One where I get to work closely with individuals to build their best lives supported by financial confidence and help businesses through challenges that make Everest seem like a small bump. 

Further, my work with those going through divorce as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® has opened my eyes to life transitions' impact.

There have been tears, laughter, and some challenging conversations. However, as my career matures, so have my clients’ lives. Every challenge we have faced today allows us to celebrate retirement milestones, business profitability targets hit, rebuilding of life after divorce and probably my favourite, when my clients get to help their children take a step onto the property ladder. 

Those who know me well will agree that I firmly believe that sitting still is choosing to fail and that being successful in LIFE is about getting the balance right. I want my clients to design and live their best life, and I am proud to lead by example. 

At this point in my career, with multiple awards, television shows, other extensive media, and industry recognition, it has led me to ask the question… How can I have the most significant impact, and where can I add the most value to my Australian and New Zealand clients? 

For me, the answer is helping clients make the most of every moment; time is the one commodity they cannot buy. This is why today I focus on helping individuals facing transition or uncertainty transform. Whether it be a life event such as divorce, getting engaged, starting a family, shifting into retirement, or a business owner ready for change.

I cannot wait to see what the next twenty years have. I hope to have you join me along the way."

-Dominique Bergel-Grant

Financial Planner and CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Financial Planning

Business Advisory

No matter where you are on your financial path, it is common to be overwhelmed, intimidated, and be uncertain about what your future holds.

With 22 years of experience in the financial industry, we have seen almost everything. It excites us to use our knowledge to enhance your LIFE.


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Mortgage Broking


With over 23 years of experience as a team, we know how to make the complex simple and pride ourselves in supporting our clients at every step of the process. 

Our knowledge and industry connections will ensure you get the right loan to suit your needs today and into the future.

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A new path to success

Personal Financial Planning Meets Strategic Business Advice

We create strategies and tactics to give business owners back control of their business and their life!

We achieve this by creating the profitable action steps required to build a business that enables your lifestyle goals.

It is time to get your business mojo back.

New Perspective

Our role is to give you a fresh perspective on your business, identify gaps, explore opportunities and build a clear strategic plan that not only builds a successful business, but also enables you to achieve your personal goals.

Sales Growth & Lead Generation

We will work with you to develop the right marketing strategies so you can control lead generation, implement automation and technology to enable scale, and build a team culture that accelerates growth and gives you back time.

Love Your Numbers

By giving you the tools to help navigate how to balance your personal and business finances, you can build the wealth you deserve, reclaim your business mojo, and start living your life!

Dominique's  Principles

Dominique role is to provide you with guidance and advice. Importantly acting as your thinking partner as you navigate the complexities of life. These are her core principles:

Open Communication

Dominique always be open in her communications with you and listen and understand your pinch points. Help you to define your goals and be there as your thinking partner when critical decisions need to be made. 

Balanced Advice

Life is about more than money, so finding balance is essential. How long do you keep fighting a divorce? Working long hours but never seeing your family? Dominique's approach is to work with you to prioritise what you most value and want to protect.


You will always know what fees you are paying and what for. We do not receive commissions from any investments or platforms we recommend.

Dominique Won't:

  • Always say what you want to hear
  • Predict the future of the economy
  • Manage money without a financial plan
  • Buy into media hype or speculation


It's never as bad as you think it is. 

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