LIFE is about more than money, it is about setting your own unique path and leaving a positive stamp on the world. To do this you need to have confidence, security and the right expert at your side.

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We help you to design your ideal lifestyle, develop the strategies and tools to achieve it, and hold you accountable.

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Dominique Bergel-Grant

Financial Planner & Disruptive Business Coach

Award winning financial and lifestyle expert, Dominique is the founder and owner of Leapfrog LIFE. She has been working in the financial planning industry since 2003. She is also passionate about ensuring being a Tall Poppy is celebrated and not torn down.

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Sandra Sutherland

Mortgage Specialist

Sandra’s passion lies in untangling the intricate chaos of making life work with a mortgage or two... or sometimes more. She also thrives in the space between thinking about buying a property and picking up keys to your new home. Sandra is no ordinary mortgage broker, her care is clear.

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